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Bonjour !

We are a Los Angeles born French school teaching the world.

Our teachers are highly experienced natives from France. We create and tailor our lessons around your goals.

Whether you are preparing a trip to France, perfecting your French, improving your prononciation, exploring French culture, we can help you achieve your language goals.


Conversational development is at the heart of our program. Learn to speak French in various real-life contexts and gain pronunciation insights.


Explore the francophone culture through authentic material and realistic dialogues.


We prepare students to take the DELF or DALF as well as TCF. Our content is aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Sharpen your ability to identify sentences structures, accents, through diverse supports.


Learn how to structure convincing texts for different occasions.


Our curriculum, learning tools, and methods are frequently updated to provide you with the freshest material.




  • Rates
  • How our lessons work
    Once your first lesson is confirmed we will send you access to your online collaborative documents to work with your teacher + a Zoom or Skype invite through Google Calendar. A typical lesson can include conversational development, reading, grammar keys, cultural insights, phonetics and sometimes games. Each student will be assigned homework that will reinforce previously learned material. Our content is aligned with the requirements from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. You have the option to prepare for the DELF, an internationally recognized French Language Proficiency Certificate awarded by France’s national Ministry of Education. Each student is free to request to study a specific topic, our lessons are adaptive and our teachers are happy to make customized content.
  • Cancellation policy
    Cancellation policy for One-on-One, DUO and TRIO LESSONS Cancellations made less than 24h prior to lesson time are not refunded Make-Up Lessons Policy for One-on-One, DUO and TRIO LESSONS Student enrolled for 4 private lessons scheduled over a 28 days period can reschedule up to one lesson within the 28 days period. Cancellation policy for Group Class If you can't attend a Group Class, you will have access to the recording of that class as well as the necessary homework and material. There is no make-up nor refund for a missed Group Class. Unpredictable schedule ? Try our À la Carte lessons for a more flexible scheduling.
  • Do you offer in-person lessons?
    We are now online only. We offer high quality audio and video online lessons incorporating online collaborative tools. Take advantage of functionalities like screen sharing, interactive note editing with Google doc, recording and online educational games.
  • What are the levels and how many hours do I need to take?
    For the casual learner, 1h weekly might be enough. However, if you have a specific goal, say you want to be ready for your trip to France coming up in a few months, you might want to consider taking 2x1h or 3x1h lessons weekly while immersing yourself in a French learning routine. Why taking more lessons weekly? -The shorter gap between each lesson allows the brain to reactivate previously learned content and notions more effectively. -It makes learning French more immersive as it feels more present in your daily life. -You will reach a higher level in a shorter time frame compared to the same amount of hours spread over a longer time frame. -Faster results = higher motivation = happy learner.
  • How do I know what my level is in French?
    Not sure what your level in French is ? Try this test to get an idea. Levels vary from A1 (beginner 1) to C2 (proficiency)
  • Keep in mind before you start
    Oh la vache ! You are getting closer to taking your first French lesson with us! As teachers we guide you step by step towards your goal providing the strategies, tools and the emotional support necessary to help you build a healthy learning habit that will lead you to significant progress. While it undoubtedly sound beautiful, French is not known to be the easiest language to learn. Often you will run into "exceptions" (and learn to hate that term). For a smoother experience, try immersing yourself in the language as much as possible while taking lessons. How can you do that? Read below



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